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Sunday, October 30, 2005


FYI check out this spot for the history of Halloween and read some classic spooky stories. For the kids in your family check out this link for some fun activities. Come on over to see a HUGE pumpkin over 1000 lbs! Or check out this link and scroll down to read the short "Pumpkin". My favorite is Fall Prayer. And now....
The just shall be in everlasting remembrance;
He shall not fear the evil hearing.
V. Absolve, O Lord, the souls of the faithful departed from every bond of sin,
R. And by the help of Thy grace may they be enabled to escape the avenging judgment,
and to enjoy the happiness of eternal life.
Because in Thy mercy are deposited the souls that departed in an inferior degree of grace,
Lord, have mercy.
Because their present suffering is greatest in the knowledge of the pain that their separation from Thee is causing Thee,
Lord, have mercy.
Because of their present inablility to add to Thy accidental glory, etc.
Not for our consolation, O Lord; not for their release from purgative pain, O God; but for Thy joy and the greater accidental honor of Thy throne, O Christ the King,
For the souls of our departed friends, relations and benefactors, grant light and peace, O Lord.
For those of our family who have fallen asleep in Thy bosom, O Jesus, grant light and peace, O Lord.
For those who have gone to prepare our place, etc.
(For those who were our brothers [or sisters] in Religion.)
For priests who were our spiritual directors,
For men or women who were our teachers in school,
For those who were our employers (or employees),
For those who were our associates in daily toil,
For any soul whom we ever offended,
For our enemies now departed,
For those souls who have none to pray for them,
For those forgotten by their friends and kin,
For those now suffering the most,
For those who have acquired the most merit,
For the souls next to be released from Purgatory,
For those who, while on earth, were most devoted to God the Holy Ghost, to Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament, to the holy Mother of God.
For all deceased popes and prelates,
For all deceased priests, seminarians and religious,
For all our brethren in the Faith everywhere,
For all our separated brethren who deeply loved Thee, and would have come into Thy household had they known the truth,
For those souls who need, or in life asked, our prayers,
For those, closer to Thee than we are, whose prayers we need,
That those may be happy with Thee forever who on earth were true exemplares of the Catholic Faith, grant them eternal rest, O Lord.
That those may be admitted to Thine unveiled Presence, who as far as we know never committed mortal sin, grant them eternal rest, O Lord.
That those may be housed in glory, who lived always in recollection and prayer, etc.
That those may be given the celestial joy of beholding Thee, who lived lives of mortification and self-denial and penance,
That those may be flooded with Thy love, who denied themselves even Thy favors of indulgence and who made the heroic act for the souls who had gone before them,
That those may be drawn up to the Beatific Vision, who never put obstacles in the way of sanctifying grace and who ever drew closer in mystical union with Thee,
V. Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord,
R. And let perpetual light shine upon them.
Let Us Pray
Be mindful, O Lord, of Thy servants and handmaids,N. and N., who are gone before us with the sign of faith and repose in the sleep of grace. To these, O Lord, and to all who rest in Christ, grant, we beseech Thee, a place of refreshment, light and peace, through the same Christ Our Lord. R. Amen.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


This is what a group of people have been praying would happen for a long time. I want to live in a community that supports life and not the culture of death. Mothers mourn deeply the loss of their children in the majority of cases. The effects of abortion are not made widely known or women would not want to have the abortions. The Couple to Couple League is a good place to get accurate info on this issue. Today infertility is rampant, as is immorality. We cannot do these things and think nothing will come of it. God has His reasons for punishing us. When will we have ears to hear and hearts that want only to do the will of God?

What Is My Bubba Up To NOW?!

It's Mismatched Clothes Day!! In Honor Of Red Ribbon Week

Saturday, October 22, 2005


We begin our tour at the Library Station where I dropped off books and paid some late fees. Next we head to the Candy House for some extra special treats. Next it's on to the LYS, Simply Fibers Ltd where all kinds of wonderful fibers are waiting for their chance to be made into fabulous items of every imaginable thing. Sandy, you can tell Carol her shop has been blogged! Next I went to De Sales Catholic Bookstore, over to Casa-Rico Mexican Buffet (tiny but oh, so delicious!), drove on down towards St. Joseph Catholic Church, (if you look closely the steeple is shining in the middle of the pic), then we head back to Bass Pro Shops and all the fish your heart can stand and then some, a hunter/fisher paradise, and then on to Wal Mart where the weekly groceries were purchased and taken home. Dear Hubby then goes to Papa Murphy's to bring home a most delicious pizza for supper. I've been trying to get this blog thing to work for some time now so I hope you all have enjoyed this little slice of Springfield MO. Hope you can come to visit. Good night and God Bless!


Come On In...The Yarn Is FINE!!!

Sandy At Simply Fibers Ltd..My LYS

Casa-Rico Mexican Buffet...YUM!

St. Joseph Catholic Church Steeple In the Distance

City Hall From Campbell and Chestnut Expwy



Yes, though I couldn't put all in I tried to capture the essence of the place. There is just so much to see of stuffed animals, live fish, stuffed fish, little fish, big fish, anykind of FISH. Please continue to enjoy!



LIVE Turtles







Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Today I got my first yummies and kindness from someone in Albuquerque. Some Chile Cheese Bread Mix and some Guacamole Dip Mix for sustanance wilst I work away on the cute knit kit for some preemie knitting. A lovely card to send good wishes my way. What a lovely package of wonderful goodies from my sweet secret pal! Thank you again SP!!!
I could hardly wait to try the bamboo needles so I got my BAM BOO yarn and started on a scarf. Laura had the same idea and knit herself one in pink. I was intrigued by yarn made of bamboo and perchased some a while back. The package lists some reasons to knit with bamboo: *exciting new renewable fiber source (cool!), *silky hand and drape (it is too!), *colors look beautiful in bamboo fiber (it is pretty), *naturally antibacterial fiber (very cool especially for this time of year), and *non-allergenic (good!). The color I have is #4915, is 100% bamboo, 77 yards per 50 gram skein. 5 sts/inch on size US7 needles. Hand wash cold, dry flat. I'm liking this organic stuff even though it wants to split a bit I don't have to wrangle it much.
What a nice day this has been for me, but my heart and prayers go out to everyone who is experiencing these awful natural disasters. From The Happy Catholic site I came across this site about offering things up. This has been a new concept for me, but it's nice to know with all the truely terrible things that have happened to me that it can be used for something good. I like that idea A LOT!! So much of this journey is a mystery. Being a curious person I like to know things you know. Taking certain things by faith can be difficult, but also very comforting. I get comfort in knowing that many others have gone before me and have wondered the same things and those saints have had to endure so many sorrows too. Yes we have sorrows, but we also have joyful, luminous and glorious mysteries to ponder too.
Thank you God for being close to me when I have needed you most! Thank you for bringing me to this day and help me to always draw close to you. Amen!

Yummy Goodness And Kindness From Albuquerque!

Knit Kit With Needles, Hook And So Soft Yarn, THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!

What's This?

Bamboo Needles, BAM BOO Yarn, Next To Real Bamboo

Friday, October 07, 2005


October 3 we celebrated #2's re-birthday. His godmother and godfather gifted him a very special John Paul II black bead rosary. What a very special soul we have in that boy! I tell my boys that they are warriors for LIFE since God chose for them to be born in a time and place where they had a chance for life. I don't believe in coincidence. God's timing is perfect time.
I gifted myself some birch and bamboo needles just cause life is too short not to try good tools for knitting. I started a scarf for Carolyn that she requested and I really am surprised by how warm the needles feel. They seem a little more rough than the aluminum, but not bad. The clicking sound is a little more muffled, but that's not bad either. Don't know when I'll get to the bamboo yet, but soon. I feel the need to work up a few more pumpkin hats for The Preemie Project Pumpkin Push. The deadline for sending them is next Friday.
There is a lot going on and my schedule is filling up. I'm so thankful that we finally got our kitchen linoleum in. I'm planning on having a bake/craft/rummage sale next month, so need to put a lot more time into making that happen. I just get such satisfaction in making the little hats and booties, and washcloths for Cloths For Katrina that it's hard to stop and do anything else, even blog!
Hope you enjoy the pictures of my sweet blessings. I am so humbled to be the mother of such loving children!
Today we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. What a beautiful and simple prayer. I wish everyone would pray at least one hail Mary a day for the poor souls in pergatory, for peace, or for the end to the culture of death that surrounds us. If we only knew the good that our prayers do!!! I humbly invite you to pray with me...
Hail Mary, full of grace
The Lord is with Thee.
Blessed are you among women and
Blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners now and
At the hour of our death. Amen.

Three Happy Blessings...Thank You God!!!

Bamboo Needles, Special Black Bead Rosary, Butterfly Cotton Yarn, Black Paper Cat.....

Birch Needles With Bone Simply Soft For Scarf

I'm Basically A Good Kid, But...

I Just Can't Help Myself!

HA! HA! Mama!