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Friday, March 31, 2006

Goodbye Red And Pink...It's Been Fun ;p

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Great gobs and goobers Batman, it's the G post:D Gee how many G words could I gather for the greater good?
I guess I'd just better get to the gist of why I posted the gelatin in gorgeous gleaming green glass on grass near grape hyacinths. First I like gelatin and had a recipe from weigh loss guru Richard Simmons that I particularly like that uses this as an ingredient as well as pineapple, cottage cheese and blueberries, YUM!. I currently do not know where the recipe is or I would share. Second I love green things. Growing up my bedroom used to have green and white cutains and green carpet. The glass is one I used on my desk at work to hold pens and other odds and ends. I wish I had some green Depression glass cause I think it's particularly beautiful as well. Thirdly I love grape hyacinths. They are one of the first flowers of spring and they are so cute. In Ash Grove where I grew up we had a lot of them around the house and next to the bigger hyacinths. My brother and I would "shoot" them at each other. We would gather a handful of the little grape balls and throw them like confetti. It was better than the rock fights my Grandma would tell us of surviving when she grew up. Are we just a softer gentler generation?
Well, gotta get goin'. Goodbye now! Have a great day! God love ya!

Gelatin In Gorgeous Gleaming Green Glass On Grass Near Grape Hyacinth

Small Marie Osmond Dolls Dressed In PINK.
The mommy doll has RED hair. Sooo cute! Project Spectrum is FUN!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pathway In Park

Homestead At Park

Bridge At Park

Spring Flowers In Pink

Pretty Pink Flowers

Friday, March 24, 2006

Red Flower

Pink Flower In Grandmother's Garden

A Dozen Small Preemie Booties Ready To Go

First Knit Slippers In Pink
Yes, these are over 30 years old, made for my Grandma Josephine in her favorite color.

Red On Wedding Invitation

Yummy Red And Pink

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I love spring! The kids are home and we have a guest, one of Eric's buddies is spending a few days and then Eric will spend some time with him at his house. They are having a good time, but Daniel being six years younger gets in the way sometimes and it's SO hard for him:( It won't be so long before it will be Daniel saying that Michael is in his way. So I try to do things just with him. Daniel likes to go to the yarn store and use their swift and ball winder. He says he wants to work there someday. OK. As long as you can get an employee discount:) Michael is enjoying the added madness another 12 year old boy can add. He has been climbing and getting into my needles. With a smile like his it's hard to tell him no, so I sometimes let him hold a crochet hook when he's on my lap. Who knows, maybe someday he'll be a crocheting man?! My Grandma Josephine used to tell me that when he was younger my dad, aunt Doris and Grandma used to embroider and he would do the best work.
The first cross stitch I did was from a kit that my Sunday school teacher Linda gave me one year. I love it still!
The John 3:16 plaque is one my Grandma Josephine had up near the phone at her house where I grew up. It's a special momento and beautiful holy reminder.
Blogger has been having problems or I would have blogged for St. Patrick's Day. I took Eric and Daniel last Friday to St. Joseph's for the soup supper, stations of the cross, and something new, family movie night. The feature was The Ledgend Of St. Patrick. It was a good time and Dad and Michael got to spend quality time too.
I've been working on Dulaan hats, but a call for last minute angels put me back at The Preemie Project knitting at full speed. I'm getting a package together to send at the end of the month and want to get it as full as I can. The need for white booties is the greatest. Also, since the addition of the Michigan chapter which will be going to TWO hospitals, they need some items to get their first donation up to par. They will be staggering the donations. The next scheduled donation for Michigan is in April, then May is for the Iowa chapter, then June is for Michigan, and so on. I am hosting the contest for boy outfits until May 1. It's a sad statistic that boys have a higher mortality rate than girls. Girl outfits are easy and fun to make, but the need for boy outfits is greaterand harder to find, so I proposed a contest to get more boy outfits. There will be really nice prizes for the winner. The amount of outfits sent in is the number of chances to win in the random drawing. It will be exciting to see how many are sent in.
Hope everyone has a wonderful and warm week!
PS. I changed the Iowa and Michigan months and now the post is accurate. Thanks Laura for pointing it out. Anyone who wants to join The Preemie Project yahoo group for the contest, you won't be sorry!

Hi! I Like Getting Mommy's Crochet Hooks And Knitting Needles HA HA!

Love Never Faileth...

First Cross Stitch

Small Green Blanket, A Bunting, Four X-Small Burial Gowns/Hats And A Dozen White Large Preemie Booties

Full Term, Medium Preemie, And Small Preemie Hat/Booties

Another Dulaan Hat

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Like Spongebob, I'm SO ready for a great year! Thank you for all the well wishes. I really appreciate them!
Thought I'd include a few RED items for Project Spectrum. I really like splashes of RED in my decor, though I may use the Christmas sampler for the month of GREEN too. Don't forget to check out Red Sweaters. It looks kind of gory, but the subject IS war. It's amazing that she got so many people to knit the little sweaters. They would be great for Christmas decorations. One skein of RED Heart makes about 17 sweaters.

RED And Green In Kitchen

RED Mat And Gingerbread Men

RED, White And Blue Kitchen Curtains And Stained Glass RED Bird

RED and Off White Roses In The Kitchen

Sunday, March 12, 2006



I was watching The Weather Channel and the sirens went off about 10:15pm last night. I saw where the tornado was coming our way and got Norm and the boys up to get into the tub. I put on some pants and shoes, put some pillows and quilts in the tub and gathered my purse, meds, crank radio, safety box, water for Michael, keys to the vehicles, the camera, the flash lights and some knitting to pass the time until the storm passed by us. Poor Eric thought it was time for him to get up for school. Daniel was all exited and was sad and going to miss his room (sigh!). Michael didn't quite know what to think. It was ok being in the tub, but it got hot being in there with his brothers. Eric had to go potty he was so scared. We said some prayers and tried to reassure them that no matter what, things were going to work out ok. We didn't have to live the what-ifs just what is now. Daniel was making wild conjectures as to what was going to happen and was also concerned for Carolyn, a lady Norm works with that he spent time with when I was in the hospital with Michael. He really loves her and was concerned for her. I tell you, he is a real sweetheart! We heard the hail hit the roof. It didn't last too long. The electricity flickered a time or two, but the lights remained on. Not a lot of rain heard. Norm went to check and brought back a couple of large pieces of hail. A little later I went out to check the vehicles for damage and close the back gate taking some pics along the way. I'm sure others weren't as lucky as we were. The night isn't over yet. I have until 4:00am for the all clear. But, hey it's my birthday so I should partayy alllll dayyyy! Yeah, right!


Hail: Pea To Golf Ball Size

Hunkered Down For The Storm

F IS FOR....

F is for my fur clad favorite feline in the whole world. Fresh flowers are also very welcome to enjoy in this fabulous weather we've enjoyed on and off for a while now.
I'm a firstborn and only daughter. Turning forty two years old tomorrow is not a big deal like other birthdays, and I'm really feeling ok with it. It's a part of the journey and I feel really fortunate to be celebrating each day here. My health is not the best, but I am hoping to get better as I get older. (Should F be for fantasy?!)
Faith, family, and friends are a big deal to me and having fun is a very necessary feature as well.
Flag Day is very special to me since it is my second son's birthday. The flag which symbolizes freedom (as opposed to license) is something I cherish and pray it flys high forever!
The story of Fatima is a very important part of the unfolding Catholic experience. I remember for many years studying the lives of the saints and about Mary and what 'those' Catholics thought was so special. After reading about Fatima I felt really cheated by the mainstream media. Why, this was a very important story! Why wasn't it getting better press! (Duh, the father of lies is in control of the world.) During the time of the miracle of the sun there were skeptics in the crowd, but afterwards they were believers. Let's face it there are amazing and awe inspiring things that happen on a daily basis everywhere. I guess it depends on what filters we see the world through. Do we see things with faith vision or sad self serving eyes?
So I guess to finish up this post, F is for fish frys on Fridays in Lent. Yum! I love fish!

Feline Feelin' Fine

Fresh Flowers

Red Kite

Red Toy

Pink Pig

In Progress: Blue Scarf, Pink Cloth, Green Blanket

Dulaan Knitting So Far

Wednesday, March 08, 2006



Tuesday, March 07, 2006

PINK: Preemie Hat, Larger Hat, Tea Cup and Heart; RED: Rosary

Progress On Clapotis In Red And Pink


Hi everyone!
Busy, busy, busy here. Some of you have asked about the yarn (string) that I'm using for the Clapotis. It's Sinfonia 100% cotton 100g in Matizado Frambuesas color. Made in Mexico. It has a tendency to split a bit, so not enjoying that aspect. I just had to have it because of the color! I'm also using size 5 needles.
My dear late Grandma Josephine loved the color pink. I don't have a lot of pink as I prefer more purples and blues. The fabric this is makeing is light and a lot thinner than the silk yarn I used for the first Clapotis I did. It will make a good spring scarf.
I am having a bit of trouble downloading pics this morning for some reason, so I hope you'll see my meager progress and enjoy the Project Spectrum entries as well. Must run!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Beginning Of Another Clapotis For Project Spectrum