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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Thank you so much for all your well wishes! If it hasn't been the busyness, flu, or computer problems I would have posted sooner, oy! Christmas was wonderful and one thing I'll be starting that's new on the blog is on the 25th of each month the kids and I will be making Christmas ornaments. We've already decided on the themes and so we shall remember Christmas through 2007. There are quite a few Yahoo groups for those who like to have Christmas in their hearts throughout the year. Check them out for some great ideas for celebrating Christmas.
May God bless each of you and yours and may we all keep the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts and minds always. Catch you on the flip side!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Z Is For ZEST!!!
One of the dictionary's meanings for zest is: kean enjoyment; gusto (enthusiastic appreciation). I have a kean enjoyment for my faith, family, friends and fiber. Another meaning is: stimulating or exciting quality. This year has been full of zest. Zest for life, love, giving, caring. The knit blogging world has sure been zestful in it's mission to show others that there are people who care and are exceedingly generous. I imaging 2007 will be no exception.
P.S. We like ZEST soap too:D

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Wonder Of A Christmas Tree

Finished Scarf

Small Child's Hat

Size 2 Simple Sweater

Current Project


Wendy and her friend L-B are trying to take control of their ginormous stashes and for nine months will use these rules as their guidelines. They encourage all to make their own guidelines as it fits them. I like the idea and will be using the same guidelines. My stash has gotten quite large, so some stash busting is definitely in order.
Finished a small wool hat and a size 2 simple sweater. Am currently working on finishing a knit blanket that's been on the needles for many months being worked on and off for most of the year. My Z entry will be posted soon. Those who have participated in this year's ABC-Along have a chance to win a fabulous prize donated by Anne and Margene:D

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Thanks to Esther for the link for ideas of celebrating Christmas.

Dune Yarn Mixed With...

Cascade 220 Makes A Pretty Red Scarf
The ball of Dune made up with US size 11 needles with 20 sts cast on in garter stitch made up 24". Am doubling the Cascade and proceeding to continue in garter stitch for 18" and then picking up on the other side and knitting in garter stitch for another 18". The picture really doesn't do it justice! Have you made a red scarf for the Red Scarf Project yet? What are you waiting for?!

Clapotis In The Frog Pond
This beauty will become a wonderful blanket, hopefully in time for Valentine's Day:D

Size 6 Child's Sweater For Dulaan
Pattern can be found here.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Y Is For Yellow Yarn
Yellow yarn adds a bit of sunshine to my passion for knitting:D

X Is For X-Stitch
For the first three years after my first born arrived I put my efforts into x-stitch and have had many things framed and many still unfinished and waiting to be made into pillows, Christmas ornaments, quilts, and an apron. I have many more x-stitch items I want to work on and I may set aside time this coming year to endulge this other passion.

Four Scarves For The Red Scarf Project


Happy first Sunday in Advent, the beginning of the Catholic Church's litergical year. We anticipate the coming of our Lord. It's a time of reflection and good works.
During the time that #2 son has PSR (Parrish School of Religion) I and some other adults get together and we are reading about I Corinthians. Today we discussed the many different gifts of the Holy Spirit and that not everyone can be an eye, an ear, a mouth, but all of us are a part of one body. EVERY PART is important to the whole body. What the Holy Spirit gives us we should use for the greater good of the body.
I also recieved a flier in the mail that the hospital that my boys were born in take care of approximately 4,ooo babies a year. WOW!!! The hospital in Iowa that I donate to takes care of about 800 babies a year. I'm thinking I should do more for the hospital here this coming year. I plan on sending white booties to Iowa since they run short, but the majority of my preemie knitting will be focused here at home. I will be working on some hats and sweaters for the Dulaan Project until my wool is used up. I have several cotton cloths done and will be searching for a local place to give along with a bar of soap in each bag.
I have completed four scarves for the Red Scarf Project to be mailed in January. I have tried to download a picture, but have run into technical difficulties, so that picture along with my X and Y entries will have to wait until Blogger gets things in order.
I plan on doing less blogging and being on the computer less in general. My baby is in such a cute and active place in his development that it's simply more fun to play with him and watch what he comes up with.
I pray that everyone find what gifts they have been given and use them for the greater good of all! I leave you today with the:
(for private use only)

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God the Father of Heaven,
Have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
Have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost,
Have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God,
Have mercy on us.

V. This is the day which the Lord hath made.
R. Let us rejoice, and be glad therein.

Jesus, Who on this day of the week didst arise from the dead, have mercy on us.
Jesus, Who on the same day didst put on a life immortal, have mercy on us.
Jesus, Who on the same day didst appear to Mary Magdalen and to the Apostles, etc.
Jesus, Who on the same day didst open the eyes of the two disciples going to Emmaus,
Jesus, Who on the same day didst comfort Thine Apostles, and give them peace,
Jesus, Who on the same day didst confirm Thine Apostles in the faith of the Resurrection by showing them Thy hands and Thy feet,
Jesus, Who on the same day didst breathe on the Apostles and give them the Holy Ghost,
Jesus, Who on the same day didst open their understanding to know the Scriptures,
Jesus, Who on the same day didst give them power to remit sins,
Jesus, Who on the same day didst send the Apostles on their mission, and didst command them to go and teach all nations,
Jesus, Who on a Sunday didst condescend to the weakness of St. Thomas, and by the evidence of Thy sacred Wounds didst heal his unbelief,
Jesus, Who on a Sunday didst send down the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles, and thus prepare them for laying the foundation of Thy Church,
Jesus, Who on the same day didst move Thy Apostle Peter to preach the first Christian sermon to the Jews, to the conversion of three thousand,

Be merciful, O Jesus, and spare us.
Be merciful, O Jesus, and hear us.

From the abuse of this day which we are commanded to keep holy, preserve us, O Lord.
From sloth and indevotion, preserve us, O Lord.
From neglect of prayer, and of Thy Sacred Word, etc.
From all occasions of misspending this day,
From whatever is an offense to God, or a scandal to the weak,

We sinners
Beseech Thee to hear us.

That we may have Thy grace to sanctify this day as Thou hast commanded,
We beseech Thee, hear us.
That we may this day labor to arise to a new life,
We beseech Thee, hear us.
That we may this day examine into the state of our souls, and resolve to amend whatever is displeasing to Thee, etc.
That we may this day be so strengthened in our faith as to bend our whole endeavors upon seeking those eternal goods which faith has taught us to obtain,
That Thy Holy Spirit would this day take possession of our hearts, and so confirm us in every duty that no earthly considerations may be able to prevail against us to the transgression of Thy law,
That we may this day join with the Church Triumphant in praising, adoring and praying to Thee, and preparing our souls to celebrate with them an eternal Sabbath,
That we may not give this day to earth or to self-love, but may offer it to Thee, Who art our only everlasting Good,
Son of God, Who hast forever hallowed this day,

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Have mercy on us.

Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.

Let Us Pray
O God, the Protector of all who hope in Thee and without Whom nothing can have either strength or holiness, multiply Thy mercy, we beseech Thee, upon us, that Thou being our Ruler and our Guide, we may so pass through the goods of this life as not to lose those which are eternal. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. R. Amen.