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Monday, February 26, 2007


Howdy! Carol at Simply Fibers Ltd. requested the pattern for the tissue box cosy I had made for her. It can be found here. There was some cool redecorating being done. Why oh why did I start this yarn diet?! Well I know it must be done! Twas but a temptation. Thought you'd like to see the child's blanket I'm working on. Just trying to fill the box I have ready to go to The Preemie Project. The need for blankets is great and it appears that the nurses are wanting more items in pastel colors for the babies to wear so I need to do something about the more colorful yarns and this seemed to fit the bill. I'm using US size 8 needles CO 54 sts and knit for 90 rows to get a 12"x12" square. I'm knitting three squares together then will sew three rows up to make a nice size blanket, one I'm sure a toddler or young child will be happy to drag around and play with. Babies don't stay babies for very long!!! The colors are pretty dark looking in the picture. The completed row is yellow, forest green, and brown. The middle one will be black, red, and white. The next will be blue, tan, and plum. I've begun some hat/booties sets for our local hospital, the official Lenten knitting, but I really need to get that box full for TPP. Please don't forget to send in some of your best recipes for the cookbook! Well, I believe that's all the blogging my sweet sons will allow for now;~D. Take care and have a wonderful day!!


I failed to show the completed Irish Hiking Scarf so here you go. I made 44 crosses, one for each year and one to grow on;~D
I also thought you'd like to see the first bobbles I ever made. I don't recall where the pattern came from. It may have been a McCall's holiday book. I do know I used a book from the library to make the stocking.
The knit-in was nice, however my second son wanted to come along and so we only stayed about 30 minutes. It was so nice to see all my knitting neighbors. Zarah's Lizzard Ridge afghan was spectacular! We were also very thankfull that Brianne and her unborn child were well enough to be there. Tammy was working on some nice socks, well you know I think most every one at the table was working on socks! I was working on another simple hat from "Wendy Knits" to match the pumpkin colored child's scarf I finished a while back.
Today I'll be working on a simple blanket that I should be getting done this week. I wanted to fill a box to be sent to The Preemie Project.


Fun with PlayDoh. Heh, heh, heh!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This is the second pile of limbs we've had from all this mess. The back yard is covered in smaller limbs still. The weather is so nice that it won't be as much of a chore to rake them up. Can spring be too far behind?!


Happy Mardi Gras everyone! Thank you to everyone for your good wishes and prayers, we are getting better though still have some snotty noses to wipe. There are people who are burning their tree limbs so I think it has something to do with the snotting around here. I'm getting ready for my Lenten knitting and though I may knit on my Einstein coat I just don't want to pick it up since it's so black and it's hard to knit black when you crave color! You know what I mean? The temps have been so nice this week that it's really been hard to concentrate on knitting.

Came across this article about one of the tiniest babies born who is to go home. You can read about it here. It's truely amazing what science can do now, but there are still major limitations. Speaking of preemies, please take a few moments to go to The Preemie Project and send in as many recipes you can so that the cookbook can be the best one ever! The cause is such a good one, I've sent in over a hundred! The deadline is March 15 and it doesn't take that long to submit one.

Well, take care everyone. My little sunshine boy is wanting some attention:D

Monday, February 19, 2007


Here's a good article about Lent, and here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Lent.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Here's a link to a story about saintly intercession and answers to prayers. Angels too are our helpers. Too often we forget that we are not only made of flesh but spirit too. May you have a blessed day and remember to give thanks for the many blessings and graces that are given us each moment of every day!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Thanks everyone for your well wishes! Michael came down with fever on Saturday, as I suspected he would and all three boys are coughing and snotting around. Daniel made it to school, but when he got home and started doing homework it wasn't long before he put his head down and needed to take a nap. Supper will be good soup and sandwich if they feel up to it. The tree limbs got mostly cut and stacked, but the weather this week looks pretty wet. I am SO READY FOR SPRING!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Annie has sounded the call again for the Lenten season to knit for others. This year I plan on knitting preemie hats/booties to donate to the local hospital where my boys were born. Check out the pretty new button

Thursday, February 08, 2007


My poor second son is home with a fever, chills, and slight cough. He's been sitting on my lap with little bubba on the other side. Not much knitting, but cherishing the closeness. Just wish my baby wasn't sick! Earlier this week he said he wanted to donate his "ear money"(DH knows the trick to making money appear behind the ear) to the Red Cross as his school is having a drive for money. What a sweet heart he has:D
Well, that's the news for now. The massive tree limb clean up has begun on our street. So glad they will be back again as we have such a HUGE mess in the back!
Take care and keep warm everyone. Thanks for stopping by:~)

Monday, February 05, 2007


Modeling hats for Mom is FUNNY:~D Hi Carolyn!!!


There are 13 cables done so far. Such soft wonderful yarn to work with!!!


This is the "failed" attempt at a decent slipper. I used this pattern. Won't be using it again:~p
These are the "choconilla" slippers for my dear hubby! They are a simple pattern from the 2007 Knitting calendar I got at the $1 store.

Friday, February 02, 2007


My dear hubby sent an article about a cheap drug that kills most cancer. Read about it here.
I've switched over to the New Blogger. Hope it lives up to the hype.
Am busy working on my scarf and some booties.
Remembering that today we Catholics recall the Presentation of Our Lord at the temple.
Will check in on SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! And knit some squares with my fellow Americans:~D Hope you'll join in on the fun!