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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I chose St. Anne as my patron saint because I was raised by my paternal grandmother and thought Jesus's grandmother might help me through the rest of my life.
There are many sites that have information about her and have some of the prayers to her.
I hope you get to know this special saint and are blessed by her.

(For private use only)
Saint Anne, Grandmother of Our Saviour, pray for us.
Saint Anne, Mother of Mary, the Blessed Virgin and Mother, pray for us.
Saint Anne, ark of Noah, etc.
Saint Anne, ark of the covenant,
Saint Anne, root of Jesse,
Saint Anne, fruitful vine,
Saint Anne, issue of royal race,
Saint Anne, joy of angels,
Saint Anne, daughter of the patriarchs,
Saint Anne, filled with grace,
Saint Anne, mirror of obedience,
Saint Anne, mirror of patience,
Saint Anne, mirror of mercy,
Saint Anne, mirror of piety,
Saint Anne, bulwark of the Church,
Saint Anne, liberator of captives,
Saint Anne, refuge of sinners,
Saint Anne, consoler of the married,
Saint Anne, mother of widows,
Saint Anne, mother of virgins,
Saint Anne, mother of the sick,
Saint Anne, harbor of salvation,
Saint Anne, light of the blind,
Saint Anne, tongue of the dumb,
Saint Anne, hearing of the deaf,
Saint Anne, consolation of the afflicted,
Saint Anne, help of all who have recourse to thee,
Our Father, Hail Mary.
V. God has loved Saint Anne,
R. And delighted in her beauty.
Let Us Pray
Almighty and Eternal God, Who didst choose Saint Anne to be the mother of the Mother of Thine only Son, grant, we beseech Thee, that we who keep her in remembrance, may, through her prayers, attain to everlasting life, through Jesus Christ Our Lord. R. Amen.


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