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Friday, September 26, 2008


The cross stitch pattern is found in "Just CrossStitch" magazine, December 1999 edition. I used some left over 14 count aida cloth. The same as I used for the cross stitch alphabet boys. This was a fairly quick project and so appropriate for this time of year. I'm so thankful I can still see to do cross stitch. I'm grateful for my faith and family and friends. I'm thankful for the friends I've met through the world wide web. In these uncertain times I'm so grateful to have Jesus' assurance that He is with us, even to the end of the world.
What are you thankful for?
"From the depths of my heart I thank You, dear Lord, for Your infinite kindness in coming to me! With Your most holy Mother and all the angels, I praise Your mercy and generosity toward me a poor sinner. I thank You for nourishing my soul with Your Sacred Body and Blood. I will try to show my gratitude to You in the Sacrament of Your love, by obedience to Your holy commandments, by fidelity to my duties, by kindness to my neighbor and by earnest endeavor to become more like You in my daily conduct."
~from "The How-To Book of Catholic Devotions"
by Mike Aquilina and Regis J. Flaherty

Thursday, September 25, 2008


A couple of weeks ago Mythbusters had a myth that you could not pull apart two phone books that were folded leaf upon leaf. Well, you can pull them apart but only if you can pull 8000 lbs worth. It's a cool myth you can test at home and no one gets hurt.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yes, the Clapotis is for me and is finally finished. The upper picture was taken by me in the bathroom mirror, and the second was modeled by my sweet boy Michael. I used the yarn called for in the pattern, Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb, (Lakeview colorway) but needed four skeins to finish. Too bad it's not cool enough to wear it but, soon enough:~D
I can also check off, on the "to do" list, that Michael's closet is straightened and mouse free. (Oh, I should know better than to hide candy in there! My bad!)
Also, check off some Full Term and large preemie hat/bootie sets. Another kid sized wool cap is in the works.
Next I want to start a cross stitch project and finish tying the recycled blue jean quilt. That should finish off the rest of this week.
ps Am reading "Sins and Needles" by Monica Ferris and have her book "Knitting Bones" standing by from the library. Just felt like reading a mystery or two. I've not read her before, but am enjoying the read. She includes a knitting pattern in the back of the books which is a nice bonus.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Padre Pio is one of our favorite saints. His story is very special and he has already done much good. What a wonderful example he has left us. What a great saint God has given us.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Michael likes to play with his Spiderman action figures on the lamp I use to knit by. What a fun age to enjoy life:~D
Come on and say sassparilla! Ha! Ha! How cute is my sweet Daniel!
Mittens galore! They have been my project of the week to tackle. I use this pattern and plan on making more, just not this coming week.
I'm in the mood to finish things up and am also doing some fall cleaning and getting things better organized.
I'm so excited that my dear hubby has consented to teach the Confirmation class Eric is in. Norm is very passionate and knowledgeable about the Catholic faith. Please pray that this generation of young Catholics will be just as zealous.

O my God, this day in my prayers, I pray for:

*For all families to pray together
*My spouse and my children
*For all the youth of the world
*My mother and father
*My grandparents
*My brothers, sisters, relatives and all friends
*For all those who have no one to pray for them
*The Holy Father and all his intentions and his safety
*All bishops, priests, brothers and sisters
*Mother Church and all her children
*The poor souls in purgatory
*All those for whom I have promised to pray
*Those who love me and those who hate me
*The dying and those who die today
*The sick, the poor, the rich
*For the homeless that they find shelter and food
*The neglected, the persecuted, and the enslaved
*Those endangered and in distress
*The tempted, the doubting, the despairing
*My country, its president, and all its officials
*Those who died in military service for their country
*Those who lost loved ones in the struggle
*For all nations and all races
*For peace in the world and all its people
*To end all ABORTIONS
*Men of good will that they may come to the fullness of the faith
*Men of evil ways that they may be converted
*For all those called to serve in the Mission
*That all will respond to the request for a global consecration
*For the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
*For the Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Monday, September 08, 2008


Daniel lost his first upper baby tooth. Hopefully won't need any dental intervention for the top teeth. So far, so good:~D
Loving the Itty-Bitty Hats book by Susan B. Anderson. The different colors really stand out on this one. Adding a little yellow bow on the booties gives a special little touch on this set.
Next I used this pattern to make the hat and this to make the booties. Pumpkins are so cute to knit up.
Then I knit this hat for myself! Spotted this gorgeous yarn at Simply Fibers from Nashua Sitar in the Bonfire colorway and bought a couple of skeins, but ran out and used one strand of green and one of a bittersweet color in Cascade 220 held together to finish. I used this pattern and am so loving this hat. It'll be a bit of a nice pop of color when the old grey doldrums of winter come around.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Esther has a couple of posts on prayer that are excellent and I just wanted to share them with everyone. If we only knew the great works accomplished through the praying of the rosary we would no doubt be praying as much as we could.


Directions are in Susan B. Anderson's book Itty-Bitty Hats, I made the rosebuds in the yellow colorway since this is for the baby girl my son's school principal is soon to have, and it's the school colors. I've made some more rosebuds for another hat soon to be knit up, but this time the colors are about all I have of Caron Simply Soft and the hat will be white.
We celebrated Labor Day with a turkey (from last Christmas gift from Norm's employers) and all the fixings. September has always been a favorite month of mine, but more so now that I'm Catholic and we celebrate Mary's birthday on the eighth.
After reevaluating all the many projects I have waiting in the wings, I've decided that at least for this week I will focus on hats and then perhaps I'll finish up on the recycled blue jean quilt I sewed up a few months back. We may be having a garage sale soon to help defray the costs of a trip my oldest son may be taking in January with the school orchestra.
"Man's love for God owes its origin, growth, and perfection to god's eternal love for man....Everything we have is God's gift to us--above all, the supernatural blessings of charity. If they are ours by gift, why boast about them?"
~St. Francis de Sales