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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Modern Log Cabin Blanket

LOVE this modern log cabin blanket!!! Thank you Kay and Ann for such a wonderful concept. The "pattern" is from "Mason Dixon Knitting" by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. I followed the instructions loosely(didn't really count stitches but did count ridges) using Caron Simply Soft throughout and not the Rowan Calmer. I used US6 knitting needles. Their Modern Baby Blanket measured 38"x28" and mine measures in at 52"x38". It may be the material used but I still love how it turned out and can see myself knitting up more. Not sure who will get this gem. Need to focus on Daniel's sweater and my cardigan.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Because He Asked Me To

It's rare that anyone in my family will ask me to knit for them, so I jump at the chance when they do. Daniel has asked me to knit another sweater for him. He went shopping with me this past Saturday at Michael's and chose this yarn. I'm using a pattern from Interweave Knits magazine summer 2010 edition, the #3 pattern on page 67 in size 14-16. I'm sure I'll make it longer in the body and the sleeves in hopes that he will wear it longer. I started it on Saturday evening and will work on and off until I get it done.
Worked on a blanket today in hopes to get it finished before the end of this week. I'm still on the sleeves of my cardigan and hope to finish it before the end of the month. Those are my goals so far.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preemie Hat/Booties To Break The Monotony

The green is donated Rowan all seasons cotton and the off white is Caron Simply Soft. The hat pattern is from "Knit Simple" magazine fall 2009 issue. The booties are the ones I make the most. Still knitting away on various blankets but wanted a little "instant" gratification;~P This set will fit a large preemie (6-8 lb.) baby.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jack & Michelle

My virtual friends arrived this afternoon and we had a very nice visit in person! What a lovely couple!! Thank you dear Lord for kind folk like these!!! It was so very good to meet you in person Jack and Michelle:~)
ps: Bobby became attached to Jack right off. Cats are a good judge of character;~)


If my dear Grandma Josephine were alive today she would be celebrating her 100th birthday!!! This picture is over 20 years old. She's holding a cute odd shaped sweet potato that looks like a little person. She dropped it right after the picture was taken. I framed it and it hangs in my kitchen. She was one of the hardest working women I've ever known. She called herself a "hard-shelled Baptist". She always had a big garden, canned what she grew and was known for making fried apple pies which she made for people to enjoy at funeral dinners, she was always busy. Even when she sat down she was hand piecing on a quilt or doing embroidery. She would read her Bible daily and often sang hymns while she worked. She loved to raise chickens and when we would have company(which was often) she would frequently make fried chicken and fixin's. When my Grandad was working she would always fix him fried eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. This woman always had something sweet in the house too! Whether it was homemade cake, pie, cookies, candy or sweet tea.
I miss her so much still! She did get to meet Norman and gave us her blessing. She passed on in May of 1992 the same year Norman and I were married in November. She had two boys and a girl. She always said "You've never lived til you've raised a boy." I think she must be smiling for me as I have three boys:~) Yes, I'd say she must have put an order in to heaven for me to do quite a bit of living!
Thank you dear God for making this wonderful woman my dear Grandma!

And The First Blanket Finished Is...

This round blanket made with Universal Bella DK Tapestry 100% Dralon and purple and green Caron Simply Soft. I used the usual US6 dpn and circular needles and it measures approx. 36" in diameter.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Knitting Frenzy

From left to right is a blanket made using Grandmother's Favorite pattern, very simple since the yarn is so prettily varigated; a purple round blanket and a pink round blanket; a blue blanket with a diamond pattern; and a modern log cabin blanket.
Bobby the cat is wondering when this frenzy will end. That's a good question sweet kitty. My answer would be there's no end in sight. I pick up on most of them each day and do a little at a time. Some days I only work on one. Let's see which one gets done first and posted next;~P