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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Invocation To The Immaculate Heart of Mary

(For private use only.)

Heart of Mary, pray for us,
Heart of Mary, like unto the Heart of Jesus, pray for us,
Heart of Mary, united to the Heart of Jesus, etc.
Heart of Mary, Instrument of the Holy Spirit,
Heart of Mary, Sanctuary of the Divinity,
Heart of Mary, Tabernacle of God Incarnate,
Heart of Mary, always exempt from sin,
Heart of Mary, always full of grace,
Heart of Mary, blessed among all hearts,
Heart of Mary, Illustrious Throne of Glory,
Heart of Mary, Abyss and Prodigy of humility,
Heart of Mary, Glorious Holocaust of Divine Love,
Heart of Mary, nailed to the cross of Jesus,
Heart of Mary, Comfort of the Afflicted,
Heart of Mary, Refuge of Sinners,
Heart of Mary, Hope of the Agonizing,
Heart of Mary, Seat of Mercy.

V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God,
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let Us Pray
Almighty and eternal God, Who prepared a worthy dwelling place for the Holy Spirit in the Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, vouchsafe, we beseech Thee, to grant unto us who devoutly keep this commemoration in honor of the same most pure Heart, the grace to order our lives according to Thine own Heart. Through Christ Our Lord. R. Amen.

Filler Knits

The full size hat/booties are made using Cascade Yarn Fixation and Caron Simply Soft. The Fixation is 98.3% Cotton and 1.7% Elastic. It's a bit fiddly to work with because of the elastic but it looks and feels nice. The pattern is the one I almost always use from Careware, their basic hat pattern.
The bottom hat is a favorite of mine to make. This particular hat is made using Cascade Yarns 128 tweed. LOVE this color. It's a more bulky weight and I used all of one skein and part of another. It's for a friend of Norm's and didn't take long to make up. The pattern can be found here.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Blue Blanket

Using US8 needles and Caron Simply Soft this blue blanket measures approx. 32"x27". The pattern is from a mystery source as I was very young when I copied it down but I think it's from The Workbasket magazine.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Round Blanket For 2011

Made with US6 dpn and circular needles and using Cascade Kaleidoscope Aran, Bernat Baby Sport, and Lion Brand Yarn Baby Soft; this round blanket measures approx. 35" in diameter.

Friday, January 07, 2011

And Now...

Michael has been sick with flu and Norm and I have a cold. It has not been the way we wanted to spend the new year! Michael is on the mend thankfully but Norm and I are still suffering. We hope we do not get what dear Michael has had!
I have decided that I need some new tea towels and so I bought a dozen at Sam's Club and have washed and stamped them. I hope to finish at least one a month.
The book I am enjoying right now is so timely and uplifting. I've had it on the bookshelf for some time now and feel that it was my guardian angel who has brought it to my attention so that I can be comforted in this time of life. The company that Norm has worked for is closing shop so he will be unemployed soon. This is not unexpected. We are trusting in God and trying not to worry.
I'm working on a couple of blue blankets still and want to finish up my sweater by the end of this month. It is amazing to me that we are at the end of the first week of another year. Time keeps accelerating. Maybe Indiana Jones was right, "it's not the years, it's the mileage."
Hoping everyone is well and starting 2011 on a very positive note. (Psalms 36:3 Trust in the Lord, and do good, and dwell in the land, and thou shalt be fed with its riches.)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Affectionate Salutations To Mary

(For private use only.)

I greet thee, Mary,
Daughter of God the Father.
I greet thee, Mary,
Mother of the Son of God.
I greet thee, Mary,
Spouse of the Holy Spirit.
I greet thee, Mary,
Temple of the Blessed Trinity.
I greet thee, Mary,
White Lily of the resplendent Trinity.
I greet thee, Mary,
Fragrant Rose of the heavenly court.
I greet thee, Mary,
Virgin full of meekness and humility, of whom the
King of Heaven willed to be born and nourished by thy milk.
I greet thee, Mary,
Virgin of virgins.
I greet thee, Mary,
Queen of martyrs, whose soul was pierced by the sword of sorrows.
I greet thee, Mary,
Lady and Mistress, to whom all power has been
given in Heaven and on earth.
I greet thee, Mary,
Queen of my heart, my sweetness, my life and all my hope.
I greet thee, Mary,
Mother most amiable.
I greet thee, Mary,
Mother most admirable.
I greet thee, Mary,
Mother of beautiful love.
I greet thee, Mary,
Conceived without sin.
I greet thee, Mary,
Full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou
among women, and blessed be the Fruit of thy womb.

Blessed be thy spouse,
Saint Joseph.
Blessed be thy father,
Saint Joachim.
Blessed be thy mother,
Saint Anne.
Blessed be thy angel,
Saint Gabriel.
Blessed be the Eternal Father,
Who has chosen thee.
Blessed be thy Son,
Who has loved thee.
Blessed be the Holy Ghost,
Who has espoused thee.
May all those who love thee bless thee.
O Blessed Virgin, bless us all in the name of thy dear Son.

The "Affectionate Salutations to Mary" were promoted in this version by the Servant of God, Father Paul of Moll (1824-1896). The venerable Father Paul assured one of his friends that those who devoutly venerate Mary with these affectionate salutations may rely on her powerful protection and blessing. Once while giving a copy of these Salutations to a girl from Eecloo, Father Paul said to her, "These Salutations are so beautiful! Say them every morning. From on high, in Heaven, the Blessed Virgin will then give you her blessing. Yes, yes, would to God that you could see her! The Blessed Virgin blesses you then; I know it quite well." He said further that it is impossible not to be heard favorably when we recite these Salutations to Mary for the conversion of sinners.
From "a Prayerbook of Favorite Litanies" compiled by Father Albert J. Hebert, S.M.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

May the gift of Jesus be with us all this year and forever! Happy New Year and God Bless us everyone:~D