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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Knitting Cool

So yes, of course there is a round blanket on the needles but there are also medium preemie hats that are cool to knit that are waiting for the matching booties which are also a cool knit since it doesn't sit on the lap. Oh, my dear readers, it is SO HOT that it's hard to have anything sitting on the lap, even lightweight cotton. Yes, the air conditioning is on but so is a fan. I so remember growing up in a house that did not have air conditioning. We had window fans but it only circulated the very hot air. I'm so very thankful for air conditioning!!! I've got some really pretty things on my list of knitting to do.
This year is just flying by!! This week has been busy with company and we have certainly enjoyed them but right now in this hot weather I'd just as soon stay put in front of the fan and knit a little hat or bootie:~D
I'm slowly working on my missing links. It's so hard to even be online with dear hubby working during most of the day (he's taking a lunch break now) and the children wanting their time online too. Thanks for stopping by and hope you are keeping cool!


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