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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Look Who Turned 7

And got the Spongebob Lego set that he was specifically wanting. He had the best birthday ever:~D

Monkey Decor

Happy monkey hanging around:~P

My Current Pile Of Cloths

As soon as I finish with this cone of Peaches & Cream I'll weave in the ends and put these cloths in a baggy with a bar of Ivory soap and donate to the local Red Cross. I haven't stopped to count them yet, I want to be surprised. I may need to purchase a few small balls to get to a number ending in zero:~P
I have a couple of round blankets on the needles as well as a rectangular blanket that I may end up keeping. I finally found a place ( that sells the baseball buttons that I like to use on my burial buntings so will be making some of those up too in between working on the blankets. Norman has also requested that I make another vest for him since the moths have eaten into the one I made a few years ago:~(
Daniel began 6th grade and Michael is in 1st. Both are liking it pretty well. Eric has decided to enroll at OTC (Ozarks Technical College) in the spring. He has been fortunate enough to have gotten into the Drury Civic Orchestra on a trial period. Between Daniel and Eric there should be some really nice music in store for us this year:~)
I have felt the Holy Spirit move me to be a sponsor for someone in the RCIA program this year. I entered the Catholic Church in April of 2003. I thought then that I'd like to give back and be a sponsor but life got in the way. Without really thinking about it I have felt the call that this year should be the year. If you are a Catholic in good standing you should prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor for someone entering the Church.
This year has flown by. There is no want of yarn or project to knit on. I suppose when you are happy and busy in knitting for others the time just speeds by. This poor blog doesn't get the attention it deserves but since my dear hubby uses the computer to work from home it isn't as available to work on as it once was. My goal now it to post at least once a month if not more. Since I've been knitting on various projects at the same time the finished projects will not be as frequent. Hope you who visit here will keep stopping by every so often and leave a message;~)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wish You Could See This In Person

This latest round blanket measures approx. 35" in diameter. I used the usual US6 dpn and circulars. The middle yarn is Giada Trends Adriafil and has transparent sequins which glitter so nicely. The next three yarns are Cascade Yarns Cherub Aran which is nice and soft for this elegant round blanket in soft spring greens. I'll be entering this blanket in the contest at Simply Fibers being held August 22 through September 17. I might just keep this one for my Grandma's hope chest;~)

The Blanket At The Fair

This is the round blanket I worked on at the Ozark Empire Fair. I measures approx. 37" in diameter. I used the usual US6 dpn and circulars. I actually broke my nice Addi Turbo circulars at the join after I had about 430 sts on the needles. As in any accident the key is NOT to panic!! I calmly held my breath and gently closed up the blanket and waited until I got home and surveyed the damage. I picked up the stitches with my US7 circulars and only dropped a couple of stitch markers which were recovered. I then went to Simply Fibers to see if they had the correct needles which they didn't but had a larger 60" which I used until I could find the appropriate 40" or there about. Last Tuesday after Daniel's violin lesson we stopped in at A New Yarn and purchased the correct size. Yeah!
I used two skeins of James C. Brett Baby Marble Double Knit yarn (293 yards each)(purchased at Simply Fibers) and Lion Brand Yarn Baby Soft for the border. This makes for a nice pretty blanket which got a lot of nice comments during my time knitting at the fair.

Friday, August 12, 2011

One For The Hawkeyes

Measuring approx. 45"x45" I used US8 and US10 needles. The yarn in the middle part is I Love This Yarn! in yellow and black. The border is I Love This Yarn! in the black Sparkle. I really like how this one turned out. It was sent today along with a few other items to The Preemie Project for their annual Hawkeye donation.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Knitting At The Ozark Empire Fair 2011

Above are Eric's friend Cory (his first time at the fair), Eric and his friend Julia. Next is the amazing woman who sewed my wedding dress (it will be 19 years in November), she is an Historic Clothing Specialist and created the dusty pink dress behind her, Nancy Farris-Thee. It was such a wonderful surprise to see her again!
Next are two new friends Emily and Mary who knit:~D
Here I am knitting on the same kind of round blanket that I had displayed before me. Many nice comments on all the knitting at the table.
Not pictured were the lady doing Hardanger and the other ladies who were making bobbin lace. Wow oh WOW what artists!!!!
After knitting from 11am-3:20pm(it was supposed to be 11-2 but time flew while having fun;~)) it was time to get out in the HOT HEAT and get a BBQ Backyard Burger and some cajun fried mushrooms for Norm and a funnel cake for the other boys. We then braved the growing traffic to take Cory home and get home ourselves to take a cool shower and try to cool off the best we could. Hope you get to go to the fair where you are. It's a lot of fun if it's not too stinkin' HOT!!!