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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Knitting At The Ozark Empire Fair 2011

Above are Eric's friend Cory (his first time at the fair), Eric and his friend Julia. Next is the amazing woman who sewed my wedding dress (it will be 19 years in November), she is an Historic Clothing Specialist and created the dusty pink dress behind her, Nancy Farris-Thee. It was such a wonderful surprise to see her again!
Next are two new friends Emily and Mary who knit:~D
Here I am knitting on the same kind of round blanket that I had displayed before me. Many nice comments on all the knitting at the table.
Not pictured were the lady doing Hardanger and the other ladies who were making bobbin lace. Wow oh WOW what artists!!!!
After knitting from 11am-3:20pm(it was supposed to be 11-2 but time flew while having fun;~)) it was time to get out in the HOT HEAT and get a BBQ Backyard Burger and some cajun fried mushrooms for Norm and a funnel cake for the other boys. We then braved the growing traffic to take Cory home and get home ourselves to take a cool shower and try to cool off the best we could. Hope you get to go to the fair where you are. It's a lot of fun if it's not too stinkin' HOT!!!


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