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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Praise to You, Father
for the innocent eyes of children
for sunlight and flowers and snowfalls
for the muscles of men who build houses
and hospitals and harbors
for the minds of scholars
who unfold the truths of the universe
for the hearts of parents who teach us to love.
We praise You for what we have.
We praise You, too, for those things that
Your wise love has decided
to withhold from us.
What we are and have is from You.
And our grateful response can only
be to share these treasures
with all Your children.
And praise to You, too, Father
for so many brothers and sisters.
(from The Catholic Devotional booklet)
I hope everyone has had a wonderful and blessed Christmas season so far. It's been busy and we've had some sickness but the Christmas tree has been taken down (a stationary bike in it's place), and today is the first day of school and things are starting to have a feeling of being normal again. I get mixed emotions this time of year thinking of all the people who have passed and who may pass, it's so sad to see so many divorces and people who are struggling with the economy and with addictions and those they love with addictions. It so warms my heart to see the many ways people try to help during this season too. I cry tears of joy to hear of people helping strangers with no thought of being paid back. People made in the image and likeness of our God. They are the ones who shine with the light of God. It gives me hope in these trying times. To think that God's light is not completely snuffed out. That faith, hope and charity are still out there in the world so full of everything else.
I've stopped making resolutions but I hope to be able to continue knitting for The Preemie Project and our local Newborns In Need. I'm so sad that my favorite local knit shop has closed and hope that Carol will find more fulfilling work. The focus this year will be blankets so as to reduce more quickly the massive yarn stash. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have the first fo of the year to show. Currently there are two shawlettes and three round blanket on the needles.
I'm hoping to be more productive on the blog as well. There will be less news listened to especially this year of election. God help us!! We should be spending more time in prayer and less watching all the opinions of people who have their own agendas. May Mary's Immaculate Heart conquer at this time. May the Holy Trinity bestow upon us not what we deserve but great mercy. May the scourge of abortion be eradicated and the hearts of stone be turned to flesh again. May the family as God has ordained from the beginning be strengthened and cherished by all. Oh, let this time be a time of great grace and blessing!! Amen.


  • At 9:24 AM , Blogger Z said...

    I agree with you, much prayer is needed at this time.

    I feel like alot of changes are going to happen, in this year. Things that people may not even be expecting.

    Have a blessed day!


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