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Monday, November 26, 2012

Hope Ya'll Had A Wonderful Thanksgiving

Preemie Ribbed Hats

These little hats will fit 3-4 lb babies.  The pattern can be found at Bevs Country Cottage.  I used US3 needles and various baby yarns.

Scrap Blanket In Pink/White

This scrap blanket measures approx. 31"x30".  Using various yarns and US3 needles this is a sweet little lightweight blanket good for summer or winter layering.  Later this would be sweet for a little doll:~)

Scrap Blanket In Blue/Green

This little scrap blanket measures approx. 32"x28".  Using US3 needles and various different yarns it makes for a lightweight blanket good for layering or for a little cover for the summertime.