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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This Year For Lent...

Things are a changing around here.  For Lent this year I am deep cleaning my house.  I keep thinking of the Bible verse of thou art dust and dust thou shall return.  Why do we have so much stuff?!!  I'm getting quite a workout as well.  Almost to the point of exhaustion.  What exhaustion our dear savior suffered in the desert and while carrying the cross!!!  Dear God forgive us for we know not what we do!!! 
I finally got rid of my baby's crib.  We have a large pile of goods that will be going to our local DAV (Disabled American Veterans).  We have three medium bags full of pull tabs that will go to our local Ronald McDonald House.  There are many bags full of books that will go to our local library for their bi-annual book sale.  I have some craft supplies that are going to another good home. 
This past Saturday my husband and I watched the movie "Mary of Nazareth" at the Cine 16.  It was full of priests, nuns and other lay people, mostly of the older variety.(Having recently turned the big 5-0 I include myself in that variety;~P)  It felt very holy.  Many tears were shed.  It was a movie worth having and sharing.
I've still so much to do but must pace myself as well.  I'm praying for all who visit this humble blog.  May you all feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in a mighty way my dear brothers and sisters!!!   Amen!