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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Prayer For The Fruits Of The Holy Spirit

Oh bounteous Spirit, I ask you to bring forth in my life your fruits the fruit of love, so I may love you above all things and all others for your sake, the fruit of joy, that I may find my delight in your service, the fruit of peace, that I may be pardoned through your mercy and may rest in your love, the fruit of long suffering so that I may bear, with patience, all afflictions, the fruit of gentleness, that I may subdue all anger and take calmly and sweetly all trials and provocations, the fruit of meekness, that I may forgive freely all who have hurt me and endure with patience all burdens that are laid upon me, the fruit of temperance that I may restrain all my desires and bring them into the subjection of your holy will. Amen.