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Friday, June 02, 2017

Working On...

We are working on cleaning out the garage.  Things to keep, things to donate and things to throw away.  There is an almost 25 year accumulation of items so we will purge for at least a month or more.  Saint Elizabeth Anne Seaton will be having their annual garage sale next weekend and are getting the majority of items.
DAV(Dissabled American Veterans) usually get items the rest of the year, especially any clothing.  SEAS does not bother with clothing.
Going through book collection in house as well.
Knitting on a nine patch blanket using various shades of Caron Simply Soft and using the BOYE US8 needles I learned on in 4-H around 40 years ago.  Thank you to Melba McDonald for volunteering your time and talent and being so patient!!  Thank you to my friends Ang and Sharon who went with me!
Thanks go to my Aunt Lillith Prosise for teaching me how to crochet.
Thanks to my Grandma Josephine for teaching me how to sew.  She started me on a nine patch.  My first completed quilt was a pinwheel pattern.
I have made a quilt for my first two boys and will be working on one for my baby before he turns 13 this August. I have some green thread from his Grandma Ruth that will help make this quilt extra special.
What are you working on?