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Sunday, July 02, 2017


Just because you can do something does not mean you should. The something in particular that is on my mind currently is the shooting off of fireworks especially until two in the morning. To be honest I usually do not mind too much since we really have a lot to be greatful for and being basically free to do just about anything in this great country of ours it is fun to get loud about it. Last evening and into the early morning it sounded like a war zone with tremendous BOOMS! Our sweet kitty was curled up in the house safely away from harm. One of our neighbors was working on one of his vehicles about 2:30am revving the engine long and loud! Twice with a short interval in between. DUUUUUDE!!!! Really?!!! So then at 4am I think I hear a knock on our door and wake dear hubby to investigate. Either I just dreamed it or maybe heard the cat knock something over in Daniel's room. Anyway, no one at door but our neighbor is still in garage. So have not gotten good sleep and probably will not until fireworks season is over.
Sorry to complain but I am a bit cranky. I am also thinking about my baby brother Jimmy Lee who I never got to meet. Born in 1968 around this time of year much too soon, my parents donated his body to science. I sometimes make burial buntings with cute baseball buttons and little red, white, and blue ribbon. Cannot find anymore of the baseball buttons but did find some sweet bejewelled floral ones for little girls so will be working on some buntings for girls a bit later.
Currently am working on some nine patch blankets using various colors of Caron Simply Soft. After I have enough odd balls collected I knit up strips for woven balls which are sent to Relief Share in Houston, Missouri.
We had to take Daniel in to Urgent Care to get five stitches on his finger which he sliced at work. So I knitted a small hat while in the waiting room. So cute! Looks like a watermelon. Using US3 needles CO 52sts K2,P2 40 rows before decreese rows. When eleven sts remain pull sewing needle through and sew up edge and weave in ends. Sweet Bee Sweet Delight in limeade, Baby Red/32, and a bit of Soft Licorice/13 to look like seeds. Fits 2-4lbs.
Thank you dear heavenly Father for all the gifts given us! Let us use our gifts in service to others and for your names sake! Amen!
God bless us everyone!!!