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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

August 1, 2017

Amazing how swiftly time seems to be moving! Michael will be a teenager on the 29th. My sweet boy is growing up!
I am reading "A Travel Guide To Heaven" by Anthony DeStefano.
Made a delivery to Newborns In Need for their annual baby shower.
Am working on knitting up strips for Relief Share with a couple of nine patch knit blankets for Newborns In Need.
We have done a fair job of cleaning out the house and garage and donated to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton and DAV. It is stunning to see how much gets accumulated in 25 years and three boys! We still have a bit more to do to make the garage a nicer work space for Norm.
Will be working on a quilt for Michael as soon as he gets back to school.
Try not to let the news of the world get to me. Jesus has overcome the world! Thanks be to God!!!
A family friend is going through cancer treatment. A neighbor has suffered a severe fire. A new neighbor has shown himself very unneighborly. Yet another has been visited by the Sheriff too many times! We normally do not have that much trouble but occasionally will have those elements come through. We all need to know we have choices in how we respond to these troubles. God help us to reflect you!
May God bless and keep us through this time a trial and tribulation! Lord have mercy!
Happy first day of August 2017!