Knit and Pray

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Friday, June 01, 2018


Well, praise the Lord we are here again!  I am once again struck by how swiftly the time goes by.
Am working on some burial buntings and little hats.  There is also a plan for a scrap blanket after I get the current projects finished.
For some summer reading I bought Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.  Since the ring finger on my left hand tends to cramp if I knit too much I will be taking time to read more.
The second son has left the nest and it is bittersweet.  Dear hubby has plans to turn his room into an office/craft room, but not right away.  Soon enough!
Next month will see the remembrance of my baby brother Jimmy Lee Grantham who would have had his 50th birthday if he had lived.  Also it will see my 10th year of donating to our local Newborns In Need.  The finished object box is filling up with blankets, hats and store-bought socks.  Just trying to make my neck of the woods a better place.
Took some days off from Facebook since the posts were getting to be too ugly.  It is so good to have a choice. So disappointed in some people who should know better, but I am certain I have disappointed others myself.  What a time to be alive!  Can only answer for myself and that is plenty!
Well, off to do some praying and knitting!  God bless you!