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Sunday, July 01, 2018

July 1, 2018

Once again the calendar page is turned.  What story will each of us write today? Each of us must give an accounting of our days. I hope to reflect God's great mercy and goodness.
Stay cool and hydrated as the weather is quite hot. The people around us have been shooting off fireworks already and I'm sure the 4th will be no different than any other with a show of great celebration. Poor Shadow has not ever enjoyed this time of year.
I'm finishing the burial buntings and have a scrap blanket on the needles. Have made great strides in knitting down the stash of DK yarn.
The book Catch-22 is a fun read so far. Am looking forward to more summer reads.
We said a last farewell to a family friend last weekend. One of his granddaughters got married this weekend. We will miss you Danny!