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Thursday, May 21, 2020

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Middle Of May 2020

What can I say...
America has been harmed by domestic enemies and it will take yet another act of God to help her in this hour of need.  If people will stop listening to the mainstream media it would help.  As a Catholic woman I believe God has taught us not to live in fear.  It hurts my heart to see people live in such dire fear that they fall for the trap that has been set by bad people.  I pray that just like Saul, the scales would fall from our eyes and that we may see Christ, know Him and serve Him.
There is a greater picture that many are not seeing.  For one, it is an important election year and there are people who would gladly see us dead rather than give up positions of power and influence.  President Trump has been treated worse than anyone else in my memory, and unjustly.  He has been placed in his position by divine providence to give us one last chance to do what is right and take America back to make her one nation under God.  We all have a part to play in this.  First to pray.  Be aware of what is truly happening.  Follow some Q followers.  Compare and contrast what you are hearing and seeing.  Know and practice your faith.
Soon we will see justice I hope.
In the meantime live life as peacefully and fully as possible.  Do any good that you are called to do and count your blessings.
God bless us, everyone!