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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You Are Welcome!

Thank you Lisa for responding and for doing such a wonderful thing in adopting that precious life! God bless you for it!
Have been working on the Dulaan Project scarves and will soon cast on for some hats.
#1 son and I shopped at Hobby Lobby last Saturday and came away with a whole bunch of different yarn thanks in part to son wanting me to make something out of various different yarns. (This was the first time he shopped for yarn with his Momma). We recycled, bought stamps, donated books to the library book sale, checked out some books(he's interested in ancient cultures and tools right now), ate at Panera Bread Bakery-Cafe for the first time(he tried the hot Smokehouse Turkey sandwich and I the cold Sierra Turkey sandwich), we thought they were good though a bit pricey, recycled plastic bags at Wal Mart and did the week's shopping. By the time we got home we were tired, thirsty and hungry. I'm glad to have the one-on-one time with my first born, as he will be grown up all too soon for my liking.
He is doing very well with his cello and will be getting an early birthday present as his Dad ordered a cello for his very own, though he doesn't suspect a thing. I am so grateful he is doing so well in this area. I pray he keeps with it.
Well must go for now and begin supper.
God bless all who visit here.


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