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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Pope Benedict XVI was officially installed early this morning. What a lovely and loving homily! (for those fiber fanatics notice his pallium was made of pure WOOL). I love that he spoke about the litany of the saints which has been a favorite of mine (perhaps typed here at another post) and about what our dearly beloved Pope John Paul II had said in his first homily as pope. In my heart I feel he will be a faithful shephard. And as an aside, he is said to love cats, but even more importantly they love him too. Any dog will lick your face but cats are selective!
So much of the media like to emphasize the unhappy people who would like to change the way the church views certain issues such as women priests, same sex marriage, and not giving communion to polititians who support abortion legislation. Well folks, Jesus did NOT condone such things and as a FOLLOWER of JESUS CHRIST we CANNOT either! The plain and simple TRUTH and it hurts their feelings so they complain. Many people left Jesus when He gave us the EUCARIST. It was a hard saying. So they left. If you don't like what the Catholic church teaches, then leave. We are ALL welcome but we all have to follow Jesus and His teachings and not make the church into something that WE want. Somehow that would be akin to building a golden calf and we who have read the Old Testament know how well that was received. NOT GOOD! So many of the blogs I've read belong to Catholics who are no longer practicing their faith for one petty reason or another. How sad. We can be such willfull children and throw such tantrums when the Church clearly will not condone certain behaviours. Personally I am glad the Church is so strict. I do believe in everything that it teaches as an act of faith. It is a journey in faith and in the end it will be for my benefit.
In pictures this week notice the two beautiful bottom teeth of Michael; Daniel my sweetheart; Eric makes a funny pose as he reads the bookbookbook; Eric's first paintball wound (as you may notice left of his nipple is a scar from when he was in the neonatal unit and had to have a main line put in-basically his battle wound for his life); then dear hubby Norm doing a model job for the bright afghan. I tell you folks he's a keeper!!
Well, got the Dulaan Project box sent off and a few small boxes to some soldiers in care of Any Soldier. My good deeds for awhile. I'm thinking of doing some little red sweaters for the project. Also I have some other yarn that looks like it wants to be a tie. The last week of April ahead. Time and tide waits for no one and the projects do beckon!! Have a blessed week!!


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