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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I Tied One On

An apron that is. Check out the goods here. I used a remnant of lightweight denim. I really like the doily on the pocket. My sweet hubby drew a picture of the "home on the range" and I transfered it and did some simple embroidery. It doesn't show but I used an entire fat quarter to make the tie. It turned out rather nicely and the kids got a kick out of it too. Wonder what will be the theme for next month. Yikes! That's tomorrow!
Today #1 son had a concert to celebrate all he and his class had learned these past three weeks. They did an excellent job too! He still has his math class to complete through July. Daniel did well to sit fairly still while the orchestra, traveling strings and band played their songs. Michael was heard to "sing" with them sometimes.
I have so much to be grateful for too. I asked my husband the other day if he was ever sorry he married me even with all our troubles and he said that he never for a moment regretted it. How can I ever thank God in His mercy for sending me a man like that to go through this life with?! We may not have much in earthly riches and in the eyes of the world we are nothing special, but God has blessed us in ways that the world cannot see or understand. What if we all focused on seeing blessings instead of bemoaning the things we don't have? I wonder what we would find? A treasure of things that don't rust, cannot be stolen or ruined. Thank you Father for all the MANY blessings you give us each and every day! AMEN!!


  • At 5:11 PM , Anonymous Joanne said...

    Lana, your gratitude for the simple and good blessings in life is a reminder to me to LIGHTEN UP! and concentrate on the positive, so thanks. You may have thought it was just a prayer of thanksgiving, but it imparted some grace to me when I read it at the end of an exhausting week.


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