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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Yes folks those technical difficulties do bite! But, we're here now to tell you that Our Lady sent us a love note. Too bad we didn't have a camera handy! We have been making it a practice to pray the rosary every third Saturday of the month in front of the clinic where abortions are performed so that in Our Lady's own way that terrible sin would end. We group of faithful children were sent a "love note" when after praying my husband told us to look up and we all saw a white cross in the blue sky. I take it as a sign that we are on the right track and that we all must pick up our crosses daily as Christ said that we must. Don't loose heart for He has overcome the world! Haleluia!
In knitting news: I made up some sample sizes of button hole purses for our friend Carolyn. It was fun to see how they all turned out. Felting is fun! So now that I know what size to make and in what colors I'll be whipping those babies out for her soon! I've been using the Cascade 220 yarn and have been having a great time with it.
For the Tie One On apron I used Bernat's New Cottontots in Strawberry and Sunshine. It's 100% cotton. I like how it turned out except that the pocket is faux. The ruffles just dragged it down. I used two skeins of pink and one in the yellow. Just barely had enought yellow to finish. Overall I like it and am having fun with the themes. Everyone who has entered their aprons have done such a great job, so be sure to stop by and visit. You can click on Tie One On over to the right.
#1 son is officially 12! So hard to believe time moves so swiftly as we get older. #2 is excited about going to school this fall. #3 son is making sour faces. We were trying blueberry and apple but it was a bit too sour for his liking. Kids are fun!


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