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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Norma is really passionate about The Red Scarf Project 2007. I think it's a great idea and already have some red yarn to work up into a nice warm scarf for an orphan. January of next year is when all scarfs should be sent in and even though there are four full months between now and January those are very busy months. I intend to get started on this some time this week. School begins tomorrow for the two oldest boys and they are very excited about it. I have mixed emotions.
Hope ya'll like my black and white photos. Project Spectrum has been a lot of fun and I may participate again if there will be another.
The kitty cat hats were made from Debbie Stoller's STITCH 'N BITCH book. I just didn't do the earflaps, i-cords and pompoms. The girls liked them and kept them on the whole evening they were here visiting, so I guess they liked them or something;P Now I need to make a hat for their younger brother, so he doesn't feel left out. He's put his order in for a blue with a green strip hat. So I'll definitely be working on that.
I really like my hair cut. I'll be sending off the ponytail (which I didn't get a photo of) to Locks Of Love tomorrow. I wanted to have a season of intense giving since God has given me my precious boys and innumerable blessings everyday. I won't always get to stay home and be able to give as much as I have in the ways I have. So, I'm seizing this time and making it a season of giving, knowing that you can't out give God!
Many times I think about Jesus telling Peter to come to him in the stormy sea. As long as Peter was focused on Jesus even he could walk on storm tossed water. With all the storms I've had to weather in my life I feel that as long as I was focused on my savior I was indeed walking on storm tossed water. Thank you Jesus for helping me to weather storms and know that I can always count on you even when I could not count on anyone else!!! Thank you Jesus! Jesus I trust in you!!!


  • At 6:01 AM , Blogger Wool Winder said...

    You have truly lived up to your goal of a season of giving. I hope to make a red scarf too. I think it sounds like a wonderful project. Love the kitty cat hats and all the great projects featured in your black and white photos.


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