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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I've been tagged by Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii. If you want, consider yourself tagged too:D
1. A place you've visited and your favorite thing there.
I went to New York, NY in May of '84 and my favorite thing was the Metropolitan Museum. I could have spent hours in there. I went with a group of college students who were studying interior design. A fabulous experience! I want to go back someday for sure!
2. A country you'd like to visit and why.
I'd LOVE to go to Italy and visit the Pope. Italy is so full of wonderful history, great food, fun people who can appreciate a woman of my girth (bring on the pasta baby!), art, and what a romantic language! PLEASE!
3. A place from history you'd like to visit and why.
I love the idea of the antibellam south. Whenever I read a romance novel they always tended to be southern historican romance. I went to San Antonio with some girl friends shortly before I was married and the Riverwalk there is just SO ROMANTIC, I wanted my Norman to be there with me. I'll get him there yet! I think it's the idea of gracious living and being a pampered and appeciated lady, not of leisure, but of strong character and Christian conviction. Bring on the southern gentleman!! Plus, who does not love a southern accent ya'll! Hey, Paula Dean! What's cookin'?
4. A place you know a lot about.
I know a lot about Springfield, MO. At least it's the place I'm most familiar with.
5. A place you'd like to learn more about.
Tell me something about where YOU LIVE:D
6. A fictional place you'd like to visit.
The star ship Enterprise.


  • At 12:48 AM , Blogger Esther said...

    Lana, I used to go to NYC and the Metropolitan M of Art a lot in the 80's!! I used to love to sit in front of the steps and lunch on a vendor hot dog and Coke.


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