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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Barbara at Praying For Grace has thought provoking post about what she and her family are going to do in reparation the atrocities that are happening in our country (and will for some time to come unless great miracles take place). What are you willing to sacrifice out of love for our Lord? It's an examination of conscience we all must make daily. I cannot answer for anyone else, but I'll have to answer for what I've done and failed to do. Just one moment at a time dear Lord!
{to meditate on}
ALL: Jesus, awakened to Your great love for us, we offer You the perfect gratitude of Mary in reparation for the indifference and ingratitude of the world toward your love in the Holy Eucharist. By Your crown of thorns, make us humble, Jesus, that we may imitate Your humility in the Eucharist. We thank You with the Heart of Mary on each bead of this mystery for all You have done for our salvation, and for the gift of Yourself in this most Blessed Sacrament.
(Recite the third decade of the Rosary)


  • At 7:13 AM , Blogger Bernadette said...

    Lana, thank you for your messages that you've posted here. I read somewhere yesterday that it is estimated 52% of American Catholics voted for Barack Obama. I can't even conceive of that many Catholics willfully, even enthusiastically, voting against the Church's teachings. I hope the USCCB will step back and consider might be done to re-educate Catholics about their moral responsibilities.


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