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Monday, September 07, 2009

O Lord, Give Us Fearless Men

O Lord, give us fearless men

“Weekday Prayer Book”, Ed. Morris Silverman, Prayer Book Press 1956, 1972

p. 272, Supplementary Readings

O Lord, give us fearless men! Men to meet the trials of life with faith and vision, steadfast hearts and willing hands;

Men who dare to do the right, and yield not to wealth or power.

O Lord give us righteous men!

Men who are just, men who are free,

Men who respond to their brother’s needs;

Who work together with resolute will to speed the approach of Thy kingdom on earth.

O Lord, give us faithful men!

Men like Abraham, dauntless and true, who bring to Thine alter devotion and love;

Who brave every hardship Thy will to perform, befriending the stranger in homage to Thee;

Men who proclaim Thy sovereignty in witness to Thy truth, acknowledging Thy guidance, Thy wisdom, Thy Power;

Men who break every idol blindly wrought, dispelling the darkness with Thy spirit of light.

O Lord, give us steadfast men!

Men like Joseph, who though great in the land, remember their kinsmen in time of distress,

Who seek out their brothers, proffering the hand of kinship, of rescue and of strength;

Who harbor no malice, nor sanction revenge; forbearing, forgiving, forgetting past wrongs.

Who contribute richly to the land of their birth, yet never forget Zion, Israel’s ancient land.

O Lord, give us inspired men!

Men like Moses, who hearken to Thy voice, revealing Thine eternal truths and teaching us the law.

Lord give us consecrated leaders, faithful to Thy will, pathfinders through life’s bewildering maze.

Gives us men to teach us, men to make us know that Torah is our way of life, and righteousness our goal.

With such men to guide us our faith shall never fail, our courage never falter; our future is assured.


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