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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


*After the purple stripe I'll go around one more time before I start weaving in the ends. I've been working here and there on cloths and preemie hat/bootie sets.
*I want to make at least one star for the Holocaust Project.
*If you want some freezer food ideas check out Barbara's Festival.
*Hope to post a picture of finished blanket this weekend.
*Thank you all for your birthday wishes. He's a sweet kid:~D


  • At 7:05 AM , Blogger knitalittle said...

    Love the blanket and the colors you picked they work very nice almost makes me want to jump in my stash and find some colors. I said almost ;)

  • At 7:32 AM , Blogger Wool Winder said...

    I think I said this before, but this is one of my favorite blankets that you've made. The colors are combining nicely.


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