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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yes, there's been some knitting going on, but not as much as usual. We've been sick with colds and Norm has this week off without pay. Will find out, like the majority of Americans, how 2009 will play itself out. Christmas was very nice for the kids. They play together well and have been having a lot of fun. They don't get an allowance so the two oldest drew pictures for Norm, Michael and me. I treasure them!
This year has gone by fast again. I'm not planning on making any New Year's resolutions. Just going to take things day by day. Hope to get my yarn stash knitted down, so began the blanket in memory of Matthew Levi and dove into the donated stash and began to work on a panel for an afghan.
Praying that the coming months will see people everywhere treat each other with more kindness, gentleness and compassion. We are all in this together. Everyone has a cross they bare whether we know what that cross is or not. So, if you just cannot do a kind deed for someone, at least don't do them any harm.
Benjamin Franklin would ask himself each morning "What good can I do today." He would ask himself each evening, "What good have I done today." What if we all asked ourselves those questions and worked to find out the answer? It's amazing what ONE person can do.
Peace be with you!
One Solitary Life

e was born in an obscure village,
The child of a peasant woman.
He grew up in still another village,
Where he worked in a carpenter shop
Until he was thirty.

Then for three years
He was an itinerant preacher.
He never wrote a book.
He never held an office.
He never had a family or owned a house.
He didn't go to college.
He never visited a big city.
He never traveled two hundred miles
From the place where he was born.
He did none of the things
One usually associates with greatness.
He had no credentials but himself.

He was only thirty-three
When the tide of public opinion turned against him.
His friends ran away.
He was turned over to his enemies.
And went through the mockery of a trial.

He was nailed to a cross
Between two thieves.
While he was dying,
His executioners gambled for his clothing,
The only property he had on Earth.
When he was dead,
He was laid in a borrowed grave
Through the pity of a friend.

Twenty centuries have come and gone,
And today he is the central figure
Of the human race,
And the leader of mankind's progress.

All the armies that ever marched,
All the navies that ever sailed,
All the parliament that ever sat,
All the kings that ever reigned,
Put together have not affected
The life of man on Earth
As much as that

ne olitary ife.
~~Dr James Allen Francis, © 1926~~


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