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Monday, March 09, 2009


Sleeper sacks with bonnets and a quarter for scale. The one with pink ribbons is for a baby less than one pound and the green one is for a baby 1-3 pounds.
Edited to answer question on why these are so small: These are for babies who were born too soon to have something to wear when they are buried. If my two first boys had not lived when they were born I would have used the green outfit for them. It's sad to think about what these are for but I know they will be well received by those who will unfortunately need them. When babies are born so small it's difficult to find outfits that will fit them as they are so tiny. I've heard of people using actual doll cloths. Some hospitals have to use paper napkins to wrap the littlest babies in.
This is a part of my knitting for Lent. I realize my blessings and know I was very fortunate not to have had to use these.


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