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Friday, November 06, 2009

This That and The Other

Daniel and Michael dressed for Halloween. If you don't recognize them they are Mr. Shawn Thornton (from the movie The Quiet Man. Gotta see this John Wayne film:~D) and Mr. Hawaiian Luau Guy;~) We try to keep a sense of humor about this particular holiday.
In the next photo are five bags containing 50 cloths with 50 bars of Ivory Soap donated to the Red Cross to go in their Comfort Kits.
The next photo is the entrance to the new Humane Society building. Daniel and I went in to see and pet a cat and a kitten. We found out that now it costs $85 dollars to adopt a cat. This is a little more than we'd like to spend. Yes folks, the sad news is that our beloved Chester is MIA. The last time I saw him almost two months ago he was trying to catch the leaves blowing in the wind. We miss you dear Chester!
The next photo is of a crochet outfit hanging at Simply Fibers. It's made out of Red Heart yarn. Very durable stuff, but not very soft to the touch. I love outfits like this though. They make me smile and wonder what colors I'd choose if I were to make one for myself:~)


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