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Thursday, January 07, 2010

What?! Phone Scammers?

Yes, Bobby. Those bad people who started way back about two years ago who are trying to scare me into giving them information and ultimately money.
To begin, they called wanting to know if I was the correct person they were looking for but did not have the correct social security number or address. They try to get you to say what yours is but I knew better. So they try again about a year later and the guy says he's a private detective and that they are looking for me because they accuse me of being the person they are looking for who used a check cashing service and want me to pay them over $3oo. dollars. They say that the statute of limitations is almost up and that if I don't pay back the money then the police are going to come and arrest me. Well, it doesn't matter that I tell them I'm not the person they are looking for. It's a very upsetting situation. He's accusing me of lying and that the police are going to come to arrest me if I don't pay the money back. But I call my dear hubby who calls the Sheriff's department and tells them what is going on. He calls me back and tells me that before we met the same kind of thing happened to him. It's a phone scam. They think that you'll either give them personal info or just give them the money so they will leave you alone.
This morning I got another phone call. This time the guy said that I had wanted to verify if I was the person they were looking for about a case they were looking at. Just another ploy to get me to give out my personal info. Well, I told him that I was not the person they were looking for and that they'd better prove it themselves! I hung up and they called again. I just answered "Prove it!" and hung up. They called again but I let the machine get it. They didn't leave a message.
I called dear hubby again and told him they were at it again. His sage advice. Get the name of the company they are working for, the callers name and a way to get back in touch with them. Tell them that the Sheriff's office would like to get in touch with them:~)


  • At 6:20 AM , Blogger scmom (Barbara) said...

    This is why I don't answer the phone. Thank goodness for caller ID -- if I don't know you, we don't talk! Isn't that a sad state of affairs?


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