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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Purity of Heart

Purity of heart corresponds to the degree of love and grace of God. Therefore, when our Savior calls blessed those who are pure in heart (Mt 5,8), he speaks of those who are filled with love, since blessedness is bestowed on us according to the degree of our love.

He who truly loves God is not ashamed of what he does for God before the world, nor does he hide it away in confusion though the whole world should scorn him.
He who truly loves God considers the loss of all created things to be a gain and reward, together with the loss of himself for love of God...

He that with pure love works for God not only does not care whether or not it is known by others, but does not even do these things that God Himself might know it...
It is a great thing to exercise oneself much in holy love, for the soul who has attained the perfection and fulfilment of love is not held back, whether in this life or the next, from seeing the face of God.
He whose heart is pure profits equally from being raised up or cast down to become ever more pure. Whereas the impure heart is useless for anything except to produce still more fruits of impurity.
In everything the heart draws out a knowledge of God that is flavorsome, chaste, pure, spiritual, full of joy and love.~Saint John of the Cross


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