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Thursday, September 30, 2010

About A Week

That's how long it took from start to finish on this, the newest round blanket. Measuring approx. 38" in diameter this round blanket is made with all donated yarn. The orange and cream are cotton and the green/cream is half cotton and acrylic. I used the usual US6 dpn and circular needles. I am working today, the last day of September, on some ribbed baby hats for a change of pace. I'll probably start another round blanket too.
Can hardly believe how fast this month has gone by! We have finally gotten into a good routine and hopefully will have a better time of it. Open House is tonight at school so we will see how things are progressing there.
Am enjoying Dancing With The Stars this season, though I haven't voted yet. Go Bristol!!
Not impressed with this season's Project Runway. There's too much contrived drama and not enough imaginative fashion. I do hope Mondo wins. I like his bright designs. Always love Tim Gunn and look forward to reading his new book.
I miss Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs.
American Pickers and Pawn Stars are interesting though. My dear hubby watched some Hoarders and did a great job organizing the master bathroom and I did some straightening myself!
The boys and their father went to the Palace on Tuesday evening (dollar night) to watch the A-Team movie. Eric said it was his newest favorite funny movie. Dad was not as impressed. On a sadder note, R.I.P. Tony Curtis. He was quite the entertainer.
Am looking forward to tomorrow as it's the feast day of St. Therese the Little Flower and also when The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood meets.
Haven't kept up with the blog like I used to and this is one of my favorite months for saints too!! Hoping to do a little better than just two or three posts.
God bless everyone and keep on praying:~D


  • At 12:23 PM , Blogger Wool Winder said...

    Another great blanket. Have you been keeping track of how many you've made this year?


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