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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Another Round Blanket For Newborns In Need

Measuring approx. 34" in diameter, this is made with donated yarn.


  • At 3:17 PM , Blogger Wool Winder said...

    Another nice blanket!

  • At 11:40 AM , Anonymous sandy said...

    What a neat round blankie, love the different colors.
    Doing some blog walking, hope you're having a great Friday

  • At 8:04 PM , Blogger ZKNITZ said...

    It looks great.

    Was this knitted or crochet?

  • At 5:46 AM , Blogger Lana said...

    Thanks Tracy and Sandy!
    ZKNITS it is a knitted round blanket but I'm sure a crochet one would look good too especially with the varigated yarn used:~D

  • At 12:33 AM , Blogger Z of ZKNITZ said...

    Wow...knitted? I thought for sure this was crochet.

    I have much to learn.


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