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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

***INTRODUCING the incredible, incomprable, impressive, inexhaustible, improbable, Irish illusionists the invisible imaginary identical twins Ingrid & Ivy and Ivan & Igor.*** Now touring in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana!!! Investigate the inexplicable at the Innsbruck Inn just north of I-40!!! See them with your own I's (I mean eyes).
Ok, so this entry is a bit idiotic, but it IS supposed to be fun! My I entry is important to me in that I think IMAGINATION is vital! Just 'cause I'm gettin older doesn't mean I have to lose my ability to imagine all kinds of wonderful things to do with my time and talents. Just take a look around blogland and you'll meet all kinds of people who use their imaginations for a greater good. Imagineers can (and do) change our world into a better place. Can you IMAGINE?


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