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Sunday, June 18, 2006

M Is For Mismatched Mittens
This is my first try at mittens. Can you tell the difference? The one on the left is OK. The other does not have the thumb in the correct place. It's ok though. It's for a medium child size and didn't take too long to do. I accomplished a goal and that was to learn how to make mittens. There's more to learn of course, but it's a nice start even if one didn't turn out the way I'd planned. The goofed one is the first one of course, but Daniel liked to put them on and spar a bit. I think I'll have to knit him up a pair before it gets cold. I plan on making a match for the good one for the Dulaan Project and felting the goofed one and stuffing it with catnip for the Basil and Abner Charity Drive. Waste not want not:D
PS If I made them in green they would look so much like desert cactus. HA! HA!


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