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Monday, October 30, 2006


Well, I'm almost finished with the bottom half of the Einstein coat. I took Sunday off to knit a pair of white booties and the frilly hat and booties set. I used the simple pattern for the hat but just increased my knitting til it was full length then k5, k2tog, yo all the way across then just k1 row, p1 row for about another inch before binding off. I inserted a crochet chain throught the eyelets and made a bow. The booties are the ones I use most often but just made different by a tip from one of the ladies from The Preemie Project Yahoo group where she knits in the front and back of a stitch three rows from the end all the way across 2 rows and then binds off the next row. Easy peasy and perfectly plummy!
The boys and I will stay home tomorrow night and they'll pass out candy. It's good to stay home and be the hosts with the most and not get out in the rain and cold on a school night besides. #1 son is very ok with it and second son is happy too, which is good since they don't have a choice hee hee! Be safe everyone and may you have a peaceful halloween:D


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