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Sunday, June 05, 2005


Yes, that's right we went digging for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park. This is the first camping trip for our family and it was a wonderful and fun trip. We are excited and thankful that we finally made it. No one found any diamonds this time. Norm talked with one of the workers there and said the odds of finding a diamond were about 1/100. Better odds than the lottery. I'm hopeful that we will be able to do more camping this summer.
Will publish pics a bit later. We are going to the park and do a bit of walking. We watched the film "Super Size Me" and it is appauling how much fast food and processed food is bad for you! We are making a concerted effort to get into better shape. It was slow going for me after being so out of shape and sedentary this year and a half in particular, but it was such a blessing to be able to dig in the dirt with my first two boys and my dear hubby! We found some pretty rocks but it is back breaking work! No knitting news but I did arrive home with a package from Webs that had some pretty yarn in it. There is no place like home!


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