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Friday, July 29, 2005


It was a year ago on the 23rd of this month that I was in the hospital wondering how much longer I would be pregnant, if the baby would be all right and would get to recieve the sacrement of baptism. I took things one moment at a time and once again my dear hubby and I had to stretch our faith muscles and let God's will be done as He saw fit. There was plenty of praying going on to be sure! God mercifully allowed our third blessing to be our biggest at 3lbs 10 oz and only 5 weeks early. No oxygen necessary. Just feed and grow. The five weeks of bed rest were very hard on the family. Thank God for friends who could take care of my other boys. I'm so grateful for the blessings in my life.
Life is pretty short and none of us knows the hour or the day when we will be called home. Two musicians I knew perished in an apartment fire while I was in the hospital. It's a humbling thing to know that though we have choices in this life we ultimately are not in control. I hope all who read this will take the time now to say a prayer of thanksgiving for all the many blessings Our Father gives each day. Not as the world gives, but as a loving and merciful Dad.
I would also like to say a prayer of thanksgiving for all the people who care for the preemies of the world. The knitters, crocheters, sewers, and all persons who take time to volunteer in some way to the babies and their families. They often go unrecognized but their contribution really does touch the hearts of those of us who have to go through this trial of having premature births. One person I just read about is Jan who lovingly knits items for others. Not everyone apparently is grateful for her handiwork, but I sure am! Everyone who contributes to the welfare of those that are least will indeed get their just reward someday! So I fully intend as God allows to do my own contributions to The Preemie Project because I know how it feels to know someone took time to make cute little hats for my boys to wear. I KNOW love was put into every stitch. I really do appreciate all that those unknow people did who took their time and talents and put them to good use.
There are times that I have to turn the tv news off. It's too depressing to know there's not much I can do but pray and try to send out kindness where ever and when ever I can. I have to focus on the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. It is something that has got me through some pretty horriffic times in my life. Oh if you all only knew the terrible things that have happened to me and my family! It would only emphasize the great mercy and love that Our Father in heaven has for even the least in His kingdom! In case my boys ever read this I simply feel it's to their benefit not to know certain things and let's just leave it at that. I try not to dwell on the aweful past as I cannot alter events but focus on God's love and mercy DAILY. I don't want to focus on the ugly things people do for love of self or money. I will some day give an account on how I spent the time and talents given me. How sobering and what a challenge it is to find the many ways we can show love and kindness. What an exciting thought that a KIND word can mean so much to someone who least expects to hear one.
Well I just wanted to send out a great big HUG and a humble and heartfelt THANK YOU to those who care enough to do what you can to make this journey a little less abrasive!!!
God bless you all!!!


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