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Friday, October 12, 2007


The top hat is for a medium size preemie made with this pattern. The other two are large preemie size and are slight variations of the CareWear basic hat pattern. I'm really liking the button accents too. I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of these cute accents especially for Valentines and St. Patricks' days. It's amazing how much knitting can get done while you wait to get your brakes fixed and while your son's PSR (parish school of religion) is going on, etc. I love being able to knit but when that isn't an option then I take the opportunity to pray silently for the person or persons around me as well as the poor souls in purgatory, especially for those who have no one to pray for them. The rosary doesn't have to be said all at once. Sometimes I say it while driving, doing dishes, the laundry and at various other activities.
Tomorrow at noon will be a special time for our family to say the rosary to honor Our Lady of Fatima. The rosary is the key to personal and world peace. It's definitely worth striving for.


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