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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Largest Baby Shower On The Planet

Daniel and I went to our local Newborns In Need as they were having their annual baby shower. We donated some diapers, onesies and a cotton blanket. We bought six tickets to win at least one of the many nice prizes. We had a hot dog and Daniel chose a nice gift for his brother Eric who will be graduating high school in 10 days(amazing how time flies!). I picked up some yarn to work up a blanket and then after having also run a few errands we made it safely back home. I love to go places with Daniel. He's game for just about anything, but he was ready to make it back home too.
Just to note, behind the first picture(smile Daniel)the black plastic is to protect the super cute sewn blankets from getting sticky from the cotton candy machine. If you can I would recommend a tour at your local Newborns In Need. They do such super things for so many of our neighbors. This is a new location for our local chapter now located at 712 West Sunshine in Springfield, Missouri. The web site can be found HERE. It's so exciting to be a part of such a wonderful organization:~D


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