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Sunday, August 02, 2009


Father and son. Both the babies of their families. They create much joy for me.
I also would like to comment that the clip from Jill and Kevin's wedding is a wonderful expression of joy. This particular expression isn't for everyone but it sure is nice to see joyful expressions. It reminds me of king David in the Bible who would dance joyfully(and naked) for God.
I think as a society we are starved for the joyful expression. So many of my teachers while growing up have commented on the lack of joy in our generation. I want to do all I can to cultivate joy. I suppose if I focus on the joyful things I won't have time to worry too much about many of the sorrowful times we are sure to go through. I do know that God is good and will give us the graces necessary to get through whatever happens.


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