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Monday, July 13, 2009


So glad to get the blanket finished and off my lap!! Made with donated yarn and odds of Caron Simply Soft in my stash. Used US8 needles and the basic Grandma's Favorite washcloth pattern. Increased til there was 200 sts on the needles and began to decrease. When I ran out of yarn I improvised the watermelon look. It's approximately 42" square.
Knit up the cute Bunny Blanket Buddy using some TLC Amore I found in my stash. Didn't stuff the head and I think it works fine without the stuffing. May make a few more of these cuties to put aside for baby gifts. While moving the stash around the other day I found SO MANY projects that I want to get off the needles. There are cross stitch and sewing projects as well. I wish my stamina was better!! I'll be working on a blanket and some burial kimonos next.
Father's sermon was about traveling light. It's embarrassing how much "stuff" we accumulate and really don't need. I've been cleaning out my closet a little at a time, and have a large bag of clothing to donate now.
Chester is so cute and likes to cuddle with Daniel when they decide they need a rest after playing like maniacs. It's so nice to have a pet again. Chester is very entertaining.
Catholic Caveman has a good post about the difference between a living and a dying parish. Where does your parish stand?


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