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Sunday, December 30, 2007


The Cobblestone Pullover (from IK, made with Cascade 220, and in the smallest size) for Eric is done at last! Yippee! He likes.
A treasure in a box that the boys made for me. It's definitely worth more that the $150 price tag it has in it. It will remind me of their sweetness and love.
Michael wanted to say "Hi!" to Carolyn.
So now I begin on Norm's Cobblestone Pullover. It's next to the biggest size and am using Caron Simply Soft Heather in the Truffle colorway. My goal is to finish before the end of March. That's a lot of knitting and I've got other things to do as well:
*I need to finish making the booties to go with the hats I made a while back.
*I need to finish the red and purple baby sweater plus a matching hat.
*I also need to make about a dozen cloths to go with some Ivory soap to give to the Red Cross.
*Also, I need to get cracking on the tablecloth I'm to embroider which needs to be done by May.
*There are a couple of sweaters for myself I'd like to finish before summer, so not so much instant gratification this year.
The boys are enjoying their winter break and it will be hard to get back into the swing of school again on Wednesday.
Here's wishing you a safe, happy and healthy 2008.
Oh Lord, remember my friends, all who have prayed for me and all who have done good for me.
Return this good to them, as well as all of their kindnesses, a hundredfold. Reward them with your blessings and sanctify them with your grace.
Let all my family and relatives, my neighbors and friends, receive the benefit of the prayers I have said for them. May they also receive the unstinting support of your divine providence and the sanctification of your Holy Spirit. Amen.


  • At 4:13 PM , Blogger Michelle-ozark crafter said...

    The sweater looks really nice. I enjoyed all the pictures. Got plenty to keep you busy for sure. God bless you!

  • At 6:04 AM , Blogger Wool Winder said...

    The sweater looks great and fits perfectly! Blessings in the new year.


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